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New SHORT FILM Festival announced in MAJESTIC

Thursday 1 January 1970

New SHORT FILM Festival announced in MAJESTIC CUSCO, the Imperial City, heart of the Inca empire !

In the Andees Mountains in Peru, Cusco,the historical and colonial city perched at an altitude of 3 400 meters, is considered to be the most important of South America for its outstanding archeological sites overlooking the capital of the Incas. Sacred Valeys and Sun Temples created the magic atmosphere which lingers on also in the colonial architecture : porched houses, convents, cobbled roads, barrocco churches....

WEBSITE : www.festivalcinecusco.com

Director : Mariella Stuart"

Festival Nacional Cortometrajes CUSCO


Photos compliments of PromPerú

November 11-13 2004, the city of Cusco will become the scene of the inauguration of its 1st National Peruvian Short Film Festival CUZCO 2004 organized by the Delluc Cultural Association in conjunction with the Faculty of Science and Communication of the Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad of Cusco, UNSAAC under the patronage of :

The Cusco Regional Government Wanchaq Municipality Instituto Nacional de Cultura Cusco Consejo Nacional de Cinematografía, CONACINE Centro Cultural de España

This autumn 2004 event will highlight promising talents in film direction and production for encouraging and promoting the cinema culture. The city of Cusco, renowned for its outstanding historical and archaeological heritage is an exceptional and fitting setting for such a festival which will enrichen and develop cultural tourism to the Imperial City.

Sections of the I Festival Nacional y I Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Cusco 2004 are the following competitions :

1. National Short Film competition : documentary and fiction

2. National student category for : documentaries and fiction films

3. International competition panorama of short films in the documentary and fiction categories.

Attending the 1st International Short Film Muestra of Cusco 2004 will be well-known professionals of the audiovisual field as well as both national and international cultural figures: José María Escriche, Director of Festival de Cine de Huesca (Spain), Nathalie Seseña, actress (Spain), Sergio Benvenuto, Director of the Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre (Cuba), Felipe Moreno, Director of the El Espejo Short Film Festival and the director of Franja Cultural del Canal Capital (Colombia), among others.

Helen Dobrensky,


Manager International Press Relations

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