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Fajr International Film Festival

Thursday 1 January 1970

For the 8th consecutive year, the office of Iran?s Khaneh Cinema (House of Cinema) conducts polls among the audience in the 24th Fajr International Film Festival.

In the end, on the basis of the polls results, the chosen films will be awarded with 2 people?s choice Simorghs for the best film in the Iranian competition section and the best film in the international competition section.

According to the poll conducted by Iran?s Khaneh Cinema, the best 5 films in the 2 sections of Iranian and international cinema in the 5th day of the 24th edition of Fajr film festival from the point of view of the spectators are as follows:


1. Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Asghar Farhadi) 80.83
2. In the Name of the Father (Ebrahim Hatami-kia) 75.08
3. Slowly (Maziar Miri) 41.07
4. Becomes a Star (Fereidoon Jeirani) 38.41
5. A Far-away Spot (Khosro Masoumi) 36.98


1. Hidden (Michael Haneke) 76.86
2. Downfall (Oliver Hirschbiegel) 51.03
3. Frozen (Juliet McKoen) 34.07
4. Private (Saverio Costanzo) 27.07
5. Merry Christmas (Christian Carion) 21.78

The 9th Tehran Film Market started yesterday, in the 5th day of the 24th edition of Fajr International Film Festival.

72 film production and distribution companies from 42 countries are taking part in the 9th Tehran film market that began yesterday on Jan. 24, and goes on until Jan. 28.

As in previous years, the 9th edition of Tehran international film market is held in Laleh International Hotel.

The 4-day Iranian film market coinciding with the 24th edition of Fajr International Film Festival opens at 16.00 Tehran local time and closes at 23.00.

The first edition of Tehran film market was organized in 1997 to promote the world exhibition of Iranian productions that have been greatly successful at international film events.

Interview with Aruna Vasudev, Jury Member in 24th FIFF

Aruna Vasudev, founder-editor of Osian?s Cinemaya, the Asian Film Quarterly, and the founder-director of Osian?s Cinefan, the annual Asian film festival in New Delhi, is also the president of the International Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) and is considered a leading authority on Asian cinema.

This is the 3rd time Aruna Vasudev has travelled to Iran to take part in the 24th Fajr International Film Festival, this time as a member of the jury for the section of the Asian Cinema.

She says, ?I came to know the Iranian cinema in 1989 when I was a member of the jury in Locarno Film Festival. I?m so intersted in works of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Bahram Beizayi, Daryoush Mehrjouyi, and Rakhshan Bani-etemad, but so far in this year?s festival the film that I?ve liked most is One Night by Niki Karimi.?

Vasudev has been a juror in the first international edition of Fajr Film Festival. She also holds a film festival in India, Osian?s Cinefan, that this year will have its 8th edition in July. Osian?s Cinefan comprises of competition, international, Asian, and Indian sections.

According to Aruna Vasudev, the Iranian films have a significant presence in her festival. ?Last year, Tear of The Cold by Azizollah Hamidnezhad, and 2 years ago a film by Sussan Taslimi were screened in Cinefan.?

She believes that FIFF is a great festival that should not be limited to the guests? short stay in Iran and their presence in the festival and the market. ?We should go to the cinemas, watch the films with the people, and have the opportunity to interact with them. I think the aim of this festival is greater than seeing some films and judging them. To have some conferences and panels along with the festival could be a good idea?, she concludes.

Reza Kianian, one of the few character actors in the Iranian cinema, is among the most prolific actors and actresses in the 24th Fajr International Film Festival.

Men At Work by Mani Haghighi in Competition of International Cinema, Horse by Babak Mohammadi in Competition of 1st & 2nd Films, Zagross by Mohammad-ali Najafi in Competition of Iranian Cinema, and Ferdows Park, 5 PM by Siamak Shayeghi also in Competition of Iranian Cinema are the 4 films of his in the 24th edition of FIFF.

The variety of the roles he has played throughout his career as witnessed in this edition of FIFF makes him a unique example among the Iranian actors. In this edition, he can be seen both in a low-budget film (Men At Work) and in a big-production, action movie (Zagross). He has never been scared of experimenting in the field of acting. He says, ?The characters I played in Men At Work and Horse display the special things I have inside me and are different from ordinary acting. I have always had some particular characters in me that I like to portray where it is suitable.?

As a professional actor, Reza Kianian has prepared conditions where any filmmaker, professional or amateur, feels free to propose roles to him that few actors would accept. And, according to him, one of his motivations for this is to help the young filmmakers. ?I believe the Iranian cinema is in dire need of young filmmakers, in need of fresh talents; so I?ll do my best to help it in any way I can,? he says.

Iran-Fajr Film-Simorgh Winners of Crystal Simorgh prizes at the main competition sections of the 24th Fajr International Film Festival were announced at an awards ceremony at Vahdat Hall.

Three groups of jurors viewed and evaluated entries at the International Competition, Competition of Asian cinema and Competition of Spiritual Cinema, the English-Language daily 'Iran News' noted. The daily named various parts of prize-winners at 24th Fajr International film Festival as mentioned follow: The Jury of the international Competition , comprising Abdullatif Abdulhamid (Syria), Shahriar Bahrami (Iran), Shozo Ichiyama (Japan), Eva Pataki (Hungary), Volker Schlondorff (Germany), Kamal Tabrizi (Iran), Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (Iceland), awarded the following prizes; -Crystal Simorgh prize for Best Short Narrative Film to 'Rain is Falling', directed by Holger Ernst from Germany -Crystal Simorgh Prize Best Technical or Artistic Achievement to 'Downfall' directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel from Germany -Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Performance to Mohammad Reza Foroutan for 'Slowly' directed by Maziyar Miri form Iran
-Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Script to Mani Haqiqi for 'Men at work' from Iran -Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Direction to Gianni Amelio for 'The keys to the house' from Italy
-Crystal Simorgh of Special Jury Prize to 'Bashing' directed by Kabayashi Masahiro from Japan
-Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Film to 'Slowly' directed by Maziyar Miri from Iran The Jury of the competition of Asian Cinema, comprising Rakhshan Bani-Etemad (Iran), Marilou Diaz-Abaya (the Philippines), Dongtian Zheng (China), Aruna Vasudev (India), Usman Saparov (Russia), awarded the flowing prizes:
-Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Script to Mitsuhiro Mihara for 'The village album' from Japan
-Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Direction to Ma Liwen for 'You and me' form China
-Crystal Simorgh prize for best film to 'In the name of father' directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia form Iran The jury of the competition of Spiritual Cinema, comprising Emily Young (U.K.), Joram Lursen (The Netherlands), Gabriele Nanni (Italy), Robert Chartoff (U.S.A.), and Ahmad Reza Motamedi (Iran) awarded the following prizes:
-Crystal Simorgh prize for Best Film to the Film 'When everybody was asleep' directed by Fereidoun Hassanpour, Iran
-Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Direction to Tae Hyung Im, Director of the Film 'Little brother', Korea
-Crystal Simorgh Prize of Best Script for the film 'ZOZO' Directed by Josef Fares, Sweden
-Crystal Simorgh Prize for the Most Popular Film, selected by the festival audiences, went to the 'Hidden' directed by Michael Haneke from France according to 'Iran News', the festival's screening programs will continue through Monday.

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